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Money matters : Being the sher of the share bazaar

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  • Money matters : Being the sher of the share bazaar
    2021-09-13, By: System Administrator

    Investors who deal with the stock market are  well aware of the fact that the share bazaar keeps witnessing highs and lows. In order to make good returns from the stock markets, a general thumb rule followed by seasoned investors is to invest when the market is facing lows and sell when the market is at a particular high.

    During the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, the stock market and benchmark indices witnessed some of the unprecedented lows of the past few years. However, the grand success in manufacturing the Coronavirus vaccine gave a booster shot to the confidence of investors, and the market bounced back to near-normalcy.


    In fact, there have been instances of the stock market showing many best-ever and never-before highs. And, with these in the equity market also sparked a state of  dilemma among investors about what should be the ideal course of action to be followed when the stock market is rallying at the top and Bull Run is being witnessed.

    To help investors choose the right path amid the market showing a positive sign and continuously hovering at the top, here are a few options that an investor might consider in order to reap good returns from the share bazaar:


    Infosys is a technology giant, and the current Coronavirus pandemic has not impacted the IT sector much. It is due to the system-based nature of their work and the least disruptions in the incoming work from the overseas markets. Due to strong fundamentals, Infosys is a suggested.

    BUY and HOLD:

    The range of Infosys Buy is from Rs 1440 to 1470. The stop loss threshold for Infosys is 1414. The target price for this particular share is in the range of Rs 1560, Rs 1640 and Rs 1700.

    Hero Motocorp

    The automobile did not lose its shine despite its separation from the Honda a while ago. Owing to a solid cash flow and robust rural demand, the two-wheeler maker is a certain Buy from the experts.

    BUY range, Stop-Loss and Target Price:

    The purchase of this equity share can be made in the range of Rs 2,870 to Rs 2,910. The stop-loss limit for Hero is Rs 2,744. The target price for this stock can be taken at in the range of Rs 3,100, 3,300 and 3,500.

    Delta Corp

    The diversified group has been a promising stock bet in recent years and has been suggested by many market analysts and experts. During the pandemic times, Delta Corpactively invested in online gaming and hopes to scale the business even further. With the mass vaccination drive gaining momentum every day, Delta Corp is a suggested BUY.

    BUY range, Stop-Loss and Target Price:

    It is a Buy in the range of Rs 167 to Rs 177 with a stop loss at Rs 142. The target price for this stock can be in the range of Rs 195, 201 and 233. Despite the pandemic, the Indian stock market has displayed significant resilience.

    It has gained momentum from February 2021. Moreover, defeating all the challenges posed by the second wave of coronavirus and related obstacles, the Indian stock market has not flattened mercilessly and has shown ultimate recovery in recent months.


    The lows also provided the investors with an opportunity to invest in otherwise unaffordable stocks, benefits of which may be reaped in the years to come. However, for the stock market investors who have missed the bus, there are still a lot of excellent options to be explored for investment despite the market rallying at an unprecedented high.

    (The author Ravi Singhal, is the Vice Chairman of GCL Securities Limited.)

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