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Share Buyback Offer: Does It Give Good Returns?

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  • Share Buyback Offer: Does It Give Good Returns?
    2021-04-01, By: System Administrator

    Source :- goodreturns

    Whenever a company announces buyback, stock market investors start contemplating - what to do? Participate in share buyback? Or stay away from it? Will it give good returns? Here is the explanation of share buyback and what you as an investor should do. All questions related to share buyback answered here:-

    What is share buyback?

    Basically, a buyback happens when a company buys its own shares from the market at a premium price for a number of reasons like to increase the value of remaining shares, increase overall holding value or giving less dividend to the market.

    Why any company does a buyback?

    Generally, when a company feels that their shares are undervalued, they have surplus cash for buyback, they go for it. The buyback also shows that management is confident about the performance of their business in the future.

    What's the standard procedure of share buyback?

    First of all, the company going for buyback has to announce its buyback date and offer price in advance, whoever is holding the share on that date is eligible for buyback action. Then the company sends a tender offer letter to all shareholders. This letter provides details of shareholding and how many shares, he or she is selling to the company at the buyback price. The letter also keep details of the tender period; a user can give authority to the broker for buyback participation. Now, the broker transfers stock to the company from the clients DP and then the company pays directly to the client the total value of the stock at buyback price.

    How a client gets benefitted from it?

    The company always buys its shares at a good premium to attract more people towards the offer. Suppose the current price of the stock is Rs 300 apiece, then the company may give an offer of Rs 330-350 or even better price. Now it is advised that before 2-3 days of the buyback record date, you buy and hold the shares in your DP, then you will be eligible for a buyback offer.

    Now you have two options:-

    First, keep your holding until the tender period company will inform you, what quantity they are buying back from you, you provide them with the same and the rest amount you can sell.

    What are the risks involved in share buyback?

    If the company buys 100% of your holding, there would be no risk in this trade, but it is not decided in advance, it depends on how much participation comes from the market. Generally, the buyback ratio varies from 10%-50%. If the buyback ratio is 25% and you are holding 100 shares of the company, the company will only buy 25 shares from you, which means your 75 shares are at market risk. So you have to make your strategy accordingly.

    The author Ravi Singhal, Vice-Chairman, GCL Securities Limited

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