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A company's ability to grow depends on its ability to raise capital. After a certain point, the owners or promoters will find it difficult to get funding for expansion and growth from their own resources. As a result, they hunt for alternative sources of funding. They have two choices: they can borrow from banks or go public and issue an initial public offering (IPO). Borrowing from banks is a less appealing choice because they have to pay interests and be saddled with a large debt. IPOs provide investors with the potential to profit from a new company's growth storey. However, to apply for IPO online, you'll need an IPO account. What is IPO?- As previously said, when a firm requires finances to expand, it turns to the public for assistance. It sells shares in the company in exchange for cash to the general public. The initial public offering (IPO) entails several steps. The company hires underwriters to sell stock to the general public, register with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), and hold road shows to promote the IPO. The IPO is then made available to investors. The stock is then listed on major markets such as the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange, where investors can freely apply IPO online and trade after the issue ends.

Apply IPO Online with GCL -Research-based analysis of each IPOs to secure the investors from risky IPO’s. -Easy and hassle-free process for IPO filling. -GCL not only helps you to apply for IPO online but ensures you profit from them.

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Why GCL?

1. We provide research on every ipo which secure you from risky IPO's.

2. Easy and hassle free process for IPO filling.

3. Once allocated with share we provide research whether to stay invested or out from shares.

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